Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've been VINTAGE SHOPPING obsessively this week.  I think it's my way of dealing with all the stress I have from preparing for the upcoming Project trade show in Vegas.  I just found out the other day that only 1/3 of my Spring 09 samples will make it on time for the show. Geez, I even worked 6wks earlier this season and it's still freakin LATE! Story of my life-BIG sighhhhhh.......Oh well, what can you do? Might as well go shopping right?  I need to add a few new items to my Fall wardrobe anyways =).

Now that I live downtown, I'm around so many cool vintage shops. Check out a few of my great finds from this week!

Yaaaay, I found a cool pair of gold strappy vintage sandals!

These looked amazing on!  I know I will be rockin these wedges a lot!  

I've been looking for a cool evening black pump.  LOVE the sparkles!

The details caught my attention right away.  These will go perfect with my skinny jeans!

I LOVE wearing riding boots during the winter!  These boots are so HOT & comfortable!

My eyes lit up when I saw these boots.  They're soooo cool!  I can rock these with skinny jeans or black leggings!

I'm always a sucker for vintage designer bags.  LOVE this vintage GUCCI bag!

A cool belt adds so much to any outfit.  I love the design of the top one, and the gold fuchsia belt looks so fabulous on!  LOVE the gold buckle!

Whew!  I sure did some damage the past few days, but I LOOOOOVE all the things I found. They're cool pieces I know I will have in my closet for years. The great part about vintage is that when I'm over an item I can always EBAY it =)!  

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