Friday, August 29, 2008

Sin City here I come!

I can't believe it's already time to head to Las Vegas for the Project Show. I happen to book my ticket on the same flight as the Twnz! How crazy is that? Great minds think alike =). Here we are on our way to Sin City.

My East Coast sales team-Twnz Showroom! 
You guys rock!  I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE these ladies!
I managed to get a seat next to my girls! I've been so busy preparing for the shows, I can't believe it's been so long since I stopped by the showroom. We chatted the entire way there. It was so nice swapping stories and joking around w/you guys! It's been too too long! Always great catching up with you ladies! 

Joey- I'm so happy to hear you are back, and better than ever =). I'm in anytime you need a wing woman =)! I got you luv!
A few hours later, we landed in LV !  No time to rest, we checked in and went straight to the convention center to help our West Coast team set up for the show.  Surprisingly, we weren't tired.

Here I am steaming away and merchandising my collection.
Awww, my girls are the best!  All smiles and good energy flowing!  So excited to see you Ms. Mila!

After setting up, I rushed to Janet's room to get ready.  I was starving! I had to dip into her stash of goodies.  Uh, is this your secret diet Miss J?
I wanted to dress casual for the night. Here I am sporting my favorite jeans-ANLO! The fit is amaaazing! I can't believe I'm going out tonight after setting up.  I'm taking it for the team ladies! Don't say I'm not a trooper!
Janet, my crazy geisha sister from another mister. We've been the best of friends for over 15yrs...WOW!  She's still crazy as always.  We have such a crazy history together.  Love you girl! Check out her fabulous knit wear line JAE BASILIO!

Yaaaay, our 2 bestfriends from LA flew in to hang with us in Vegas! Here's Jen spinning away.....
awww, my best buds- Northern Cali girls in tha house.... my Viet sisters for life!

Time to call it a night ladies.  I have a busy day tomorrow!

It was a loooong day, but I had such a fabulous time! It started with a fun plane ride to LV playing catch up & lots of girl talk, and then hanging with my best friends.  The week is already starting off to a wonderful start!  2 1/2 more days of vegas to go! whoooohoooo!

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