Sunday, August 24, 2008

2 days till Project Las Vegas...

I spent Saturday working...working....working! No time to enjoy the last days of Summer =(. Since I can't lounge in the park or hang with my friends this weekend, here I am trying to enjoy wearing my favorite dress from Spring/Summer 08 Collection- The Sophie Dress-Love how this dress fits on me!  LOVE the print too!  This is the first time I played with using GREY as the background color.  It turned out really cool.  I'm proud of this color combination =).

I spent Saturday morning at the flea market shopping for furniture.  It's soooo much cheaper to go here than to the cute vintage shops around town.  It's pretty much a fraction of the price!  I found some cool goodies, and also a ton of bags & belts.  I guess last week's obsession sort of carried over....ooooops!

Met up with Rico for dinner in the East Village.  Somehow, on my way home from dinner, one of my sandals BROKE! Oh my goodness...Urggghhhh!  I was so annoyed because in NYC we walk everywhere.  It would be silly for me to ask a cab driver to drop me 3 blocks away.  So I sucked it up, and walked barefoot 2 blocks to Rico's apt to borrow a pair of flip flops.

While sitting on his stoop, guess who I ran into?  My landlord!  He happens to live in the building next door...ha! That's NYC for you...small small world!

This is what happens when you buy cheap sandals! Thank goodness I wasn't on a date...ha!
On my way home, I saw this lady chillin by her car....what a sight right? OG Mama!

Finally made it home to clean and pack for Vegas.  Urghhh, I have so much to do!

Showing Rico some of my new vintage dresses and getting his input on how I should alter them.

I found a cute 80's cocktail dress at the flea market.  Here I am chopping off a few layers of ruffles. I think it's way too long for me right now.  Gotta spice it up a bit =).

As a designer, I always LOVE being around other creative people because they're always so inspiring!

Business Tip of the week: It's important to surround yourself with creative people because you get a fresh set of eyes to give you input or constructive criticism on your work.  You might not always agree with them, but it's good to hear what they have to say so you can see things from a different point of view =).

Rico, who's also a designer, is showing me ways to recycle all the fabric I just chopped off. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I agree with Rico on this one.....LOL!

Check out the dress I found this afternoon and what I transformed it into. So cute! Looking forward to rockin it!

Playing dress up got us all tired & hungry.  I was craving some yogurt!  Check out my new favorite frozen yogurt spot- 16 Handles! WOW- so many options!  I'm in yogurt heaven =).

Whew, loooong day.  I'm exhausted and still have so much packing to do!  I can't believe the show is just a few days away. WOW!  

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