Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy Bees!

I can't believe Friday came and went by so fast. I spent the day with Rachel running around downtown trying to check off the 50 million things on my THINGS TO DO list. We were busy busy bees!!! Thank goodness the weather was so nice. It made running around less of a pain.

Here I am sporting a cute YUMI KIM Spring/Summer 08 dress. I'm trying to wear as many summer dresses before it's time to pack them away =(. LOVE the lace & pleated details!

We checked out so many cool vintage shops Downtown.

Look at what we found.....
Oh my goodness! The glasses the NERDS were wearing in 16 CANDLES! I found my Halloween costume this year! Yaaaaay! I'm going to dress up as one of their girlfriends! The cool part is that it can also be used as a headband once Halloween is over=)! 
ooooh, we stumbled onto a cool vintage button shop!
W0w, these were from the 1800's! 
So pretty, but totally out of my budget =(.

After a loooong day of vintage furniture shopping I ran down to a Bday party @ Calvin's shop. I LOVE birthdays! Look at the yummy cupcakes! Yikes, I'm suppose to be detoxing! OH NO!!! No more cheat days!

In true Calvin Tran style- never a dull moment with my crazy friend.

Look at the cute birthday party favors!  The BDAY girl's initials were bling blinging on the front of the cute!
Us rockin some head gear!
Bday girl and friends.....

Oh no, someone called the police? hhahahhaha...only you Calvin!

I'm so glad I came out =)! I needed a mini break before the Project Show next week. Fun night guys!

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