Saturday, August 30, 2008

Project Las Vegas 2008: DAY#1 PM


Me, Randy & Jeanette!
NYC in tha house!  Who's house is it Jeanette???? Run's HOUSE! You're too funny! I LOVE you guys!  We've come a long way together, lady! THANK YOU for believing in me from day one!
I HEART my West Coast sales team!  
You guys are too too cute and fun to hang with!
Yaaaay!  Ginny came out too! For a second I thought you were all talk, missy!

We're also celebrating my girl Michelle's BIG move to NYC! Whoohoo, I'll have a new wing woman in 2wks =)! She's been my childhood friend since we were 12, practically my sister. We're 2 peas in a pod =)! Watch out NYC, Moosh is coming to town!
My girl Abbie drove to Vegas last minute to kick it with us.  She showed up late to dinner because she was  busy watching the Michelle Obama speech and busy trying to finish writing her blog.  Uh, BIG NERD!  That's why I love you!  Always educating me on Tech and Politics! Here's Abs showing us how to do NERD finger glasses. You look adorable rockin YUMI KIM!
Yup, we're NERDS like you too...just in a different way...LOL! Finger glasses! Jen, Moosh, & ME!
Janet is HUNGRY! She's going through Kellogs Special K withdraws! 

I shared some BIG NEWS with my team tonight, and they made me cry. I LOVE you guys! Thanks soooo much for your endless support!  I really would not be here if I didn't have a kick ass DREAM TEAM!  You guys totally rock! BIG BIG KISSES! 

Now that we're full, it's time to go get our boogie on and burn some calories! Next stop, TRIPLE 5 SOUL & VAPORS MAGAZINE party @ JET! Thanks for the invite, Cesar!
Guess who we ran into on our way out? Hmmm......
Time to go home, I still have another work day tomorrow! Gotta be responsible =)!

Thanks ladies, for reminding me the importance of WORK HARD, and PLAY HARDER! What an interesting night...WOW! Remember to look up at the SKY & keep CHANNELING positive thoughts! It really works...wink wink wink! Love you guys! 


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businessboomer said...

OMG! Love you girl. And miss you my beautiful and nerdy (and damn proud of it) mentor!