Sunday, August 24, 2008


This week I'm obsessing over interior decorating! I have a few interior design projects that I'm working on currently, and they all have a different look. 

I want to spice up my apt a bit, which right now has a minimal modern chic vibe.  I'm also trying to find the right accessories to add to my booth at Coterie. In addition,  I have a few other projects I have in the works-which will be revealed shortly =). That's why I've been spending so much time vintage shopping, hanging out at book stores, and scouring the flea markets the past 2wks.  Check out all the cool ideas I want to incorporate!

I'm all about wallpaper! Easy way to spice up a room!

I LOVE adding a splash of color to a room using prints!

Oooh, always have flowers in your house! 
Cherry blossoms are so beautiful!

I LOVE adding beautiful black and white photos to my walls! 
Such a lovely photo!

Vintage rugs have so much character!

Modern chic vibe...this might work for my apt =).

I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE looking at interior design magazines.  Such nice eye candy! So many great ideas, so little time!

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