Friday, August 8, 2008

Headphone Disco Party!

Last night I went with some friends to go see the Spiegal World show down in South Street Seaport.  It's been ages since I've been down there.  The show was cool, but it was all about the after-party...ha.

Yup, another long dress day for me.  I found this yesterday in the LES on my way to dinner with Johnny. I saw it in the window of a vintage shop.  It was calling out my name.  I normally don't like to wear fluorescent colors, but this one was too cute!  Not bad for a $78 purchase =)!

Grabbing some drinks before the show....

After the show we walked out and saw a tent full of people dancing.  We all looked at each other and said..."Huh? What are they doing?  There's NO MUSIC?" These people kinda looked CRAZY because they were dancing to SILENCE!  So we looked closer and we noticed they all had headphones on.  Too curious, we walked in, and the rest is history....LOL.....

IMAGINE a room full of people dancing to SILENCE! You had to be there to see this. It was so crazy and silly.  Everyone was in their own world grooving!
There were DJs there playing music, but you can't hear it!  You have to have headphones!

As they say, when in Rome.......

Us grooving to disco jams!

Oh my, I'm definitely putting this night in the books.  This is the first HEADPHONE DISCO PARTY I ever attended.  Sooooo much fun! I thought I was going to a dinner and a show. I ended up partying at a Headphone Disco Party....hahahaha.
Wow, such a memorable evening!  You guys are too silly! I'm so glad that you guys are dorky just like me! 

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