Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the road again....

It's time to go on the road again!  With all the traveling I do throughout the year, I always pack the following things to keep me comfortable on the plane. 

Here are my travel essentials!

LOVE this lip treatment SUGAR by Fresh.  It tastes so yummmmy!
I always bring a big cozy sweater for the plane.  Keeps me warm when the AC is on blast! LOVE this sweater by Roberto Cavalli...so cute!
ooooh, SHU UEMURA Depsea Water facial mist. This spray always makes me feel refreshed!  A couple spritzes on your face and it makes you feel revived! 
I always bring a good book to read.  I picked up this book the other day.  Thanks, Vito, for the recommendation =)!
Oooh, butter to my feet! Love...Love...Love my Ugg Boots!

Awwww, I think the travel bug has hit me again! Be on the look out for all the cool trips I have coming up. I can't wait!!! 

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