Saturday, August 30, 2008

Project Las Vegas 2008: DAY#2 AM

Project Las Vegas Day #2


I always try to attend different shows to check out what's going on outside of the Women's Contemporary market.  I dropped by the new SLATE Trade Show to say hello to some friends and to also see what's going on in mens streetwear and skate clothing.

Stopped by 10.Deep to say hello, and guess who's picture is on the wall? Awww, ISI!
It's always a party in the men's section.  I could never exhibit in this environment.  It's too hard to concentrate and work!Check out these bags...ha!  You know I'm a sucker for quirky things =)!Another group of people filming their own reality show.  Guess everyone wants to be a superstar these days. Hmmm....I LOVE checking out the fashion at the shows.  It's cool seeing how creative people get. Check out this guy's t-shirt. 

After a few hours of walking around, I started to get hungry.  Time to get some grub! This is what I usually eat during the shows.  There's not much of a selection at the shows and healthy eating is a joke because it's usually no where to be found. I was craving nachos & junk food.  I know, it's so bad! My secret to making it through the day is REDBULL!

Next stop, The Sourcing Show.  

Thank goodness it's right behind the Slate Show.  That's the one thing I don't like to do is run around between the different halls in the Convention Center. It gets too tiring trekking from one hall to another.  As you can see, the venues are HUGE! 
I always stop by the Sourcing Show to source new trim vendors and also see what's going on. You never know who's exhibiting and who you could meet there. Years ago I met my silk fabric vendor at this show, and till this day I still work with them!
Checking out trims....

Yaaaay!  I found a new button & trim manufacturer!  These ladies are from Hangzhou, an hour from the silk fabric factory I work with in China. How crazy is that? I'm definitely visiting their factory on my next trip. They had a HUGE selection and low minimums!  Awww, I'm soooo excited and can't wait to work with them! This made my trip so worth it! 

Ok, we need to sit down and rest our feet a bit. We've been walking around for hours.  I'm starting to get tired. Here we are chillin with Humpty Dumpty! Moosh rockin YUMI KIM Fall 08 Andy Dress! I LOVE seeing my girls wearing my stuff! 
Time to get back to the Project Show. I had such a productive Day #2.  I have to say, it's been a great Vegas show for me so far.  I've been working hard and also having a blast with my girls! I'm getting the best of both worlds right now! 

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