Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All grown up....

10 Deep just released their Fall 2008 look book, and guess who was modeling in it?!!! ISI! Yup, my first employee! Isi began as an intern for me years ago when I first started YUMI KIM. He's been with me since the days when we were working out of my TINY 300 sq ft apt. Wow, boy does time fly and things change so quickly. 

Check him out in 10 Deep's Fall 08 look book....

10Deep is not just another streetwear t-shirt brand. I've seen a lot of their cut & sew pieces and I have to say, I'm very impressed. I LOVE it when designers pay attention to details and add their own twist to a simple item like a button down flannel shirt (you can't see the details in the pix, but up close their stuff always has the coolest details!) or add a special twist to an item as basic as a bomber jacket-check out Isi's jacket!   

Look at him now, all grown up, still working with me, now adding modeling to his resume =), and soon to debut his own women's collection.

Business Tip of the week: Always support your friends and family with their dreams! Without their endless support, I know my dream never would have come true.

Awwwww, my intern is now all grown up!
Thanks, Isi, I'm so PROUD of you!

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