Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Just one of them days"

I was having "Just one of them days" today.
I stayed up late last night working with my factory in Asia to finalize all the details for my salesman samples for the upcoming shows. I have 20days till the Project Show in Vegas...yikes! This is the stressful part of the business, just waiting for the samples to arrive and hope that they look exactly the way you pictured it. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that all my samples will arrive on time! 

I was in the mood to wear a long dress today.
Check out my favorite maxi dress from Parisian designer Circus & Co.

Working w/Jen to finalize all the little details for our last spring prints.  I was feeling so out of it today.  It's hard to make important decisions when you're feeling this way.

Urghhh....I can't decide on the color!  I keep going back and forth.

I usually ichat with my girlfriend Janet from Jae Basilio a few times a week.  I LOVE ichat...it makes me feel like I'm not far away.  Here I am getting her opinion on a new print. It's alway great to have other designer friends to give you input =)!

In my office trying on new samples and making my final changes.  Thank goodness everything looks great so far.  I need coffee!  I'm feeling exhausted.   
*My office is a HOT MESS....samples & fabric everywhere!

My eyes are tired and I'm feeling sick all of a sudden.  I'm feeling so out of it and creatively drained.  I need a mini break!

I left the office a little after 8pm tonight.  All I could think about is getting a good meal and jumping into bed.  Awww, the life of a fashionista....nope, it's not always so glamorous.

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