Monday, August 18, 2008

Tech Sunday!

My friend Abbie was in town this past week.We finally met up for brunch to play catch up. I always LOVE spending time with other entrepreneurs, because we get to share our trials & tribulations, give each other business advice, and inspire each other to keep doing what we do.
Here's my outfit for the day.  LOVE my new anthro belt!

Met up with Abbie in the Lower Eastside for brunch. 
Check out the great deal!

Abbie runs a company called Media Guns (LOVE the name!), which specializes in helping companies with their online presence & all that good stuff (too much info to write down..ha).

I had such a great time learning about the tech world and web 2.0.  I told her that I recently started blogging and am LOVING it.  It's a creative outlet for me outside of designing.  In a weird way, I find it therapeutic.

It was really cool to learn about what she does for a living.  You totally rock chica!  Thank you for teaching me so much in just a few hours! You're going to go on and do amazing things. Keep up the great work!  

After our tech brunch, we went shopping in the LES.  
Look what we stumbled on.....

Don't let that pretty face fool you.  She's a closet NERD just like me!  

Danny met up with us after brunch. She just recently got engaged. Check out her ROCK...Oh my!

We parted ways and I spent the rest of the afternoon working.  I LOVE my job, because it doesn't feel like work!  I went to an indy book store to do some research. I start working on Summer 09 next week- WOW!  I need to get some inspiration.

Afterwards I made my way to Pearl River.  I LOVE this place!    

Look at all the pretty umbrellas!

Whew, what a productive day!  This weekend just flew by!

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