Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photo 101 w/Johnny

Yesterday my photographer friend Johnny surprised me with an unexpected visit.  It was such a sweet surprise, because I was excited to show him my new camera and all the cool stuff I'd learned recently.  It was a beautiful day in NYC; we decided to grab dinner outside in the LES and play catch up. On our way to dinner, Johnny gave me a quick crash course on digital photography.

Another long dress day! I usually sport this look when I'm too lazy to put an outfit together...ha. I LOVE this dress.  Check out the cool color blocking!

Yaaay, it's about time I get to shoot you!   
Here's Johnny trying to pretend to be Mr. Tough guy...

Black & white photos always have so much character.  I learned how to improve shooting at night in B/W! These pictures look like we're in Paris. Awww....makes me miss Paris!

I found this pix in my camera when I got home. Johnny took it when I wasn't paying attention. My first SUPER close up pix. Awww, I LOVE it! Always great to have photographer friends! Thanks for the cool pix J!

Business Tip of the Week:
It's good to surround yourself with people who are also focused!  I LOVE spending time with my friends who are driven, because they help motivate me to continue doing what I do and also influence me to aim higher and bigger!

Me and Johnny, aka- my brother from another mother!

Thanks, Johnny, for the photography tips, and for all the business & personal life advice! It's always a blast catching up with you. Besides cracking me up, you always motivate me-"I'M FOCUSED MAN!" Here's to moving ONWARD & UPWARD!  And remember-"Good things happen to Good people!"

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