Friday, July 25, 2008

Xmas in July!

It felt like Xmas in JULY yesterday! My friend Julie sent me a package full of Christian Dior make-up and some extra goodies =). Whooohoooo!

I've been hearing a ton of people rave about the Christian Dior Mascara for quite sometime now. I finally tried it this morning, and the verdict is....."I like it...I like it a lot" (british accent). It totally rocks, Julie! I am a new fan! Damn...$24 Dior Mascara is a bit steep compared to my $6 Maybelline pink one..ha. I know, I know, the price you pay to look good. Sigh.....

I recently started wearing make up again. Yes, I said unbelievable as it sounds, I just recently started wearing make up again on a daily basis this past year. I will be the first to tell you, during the first few years of starting a business you will look like a HOT MESS. The last thing on your mind is adding another step to your morning before you head out to run all the errands on your THINGS TO DO list. You're lucky if you even have time to shower!

Now that I finally somewhat have a life again, I make an effort to put on make up before I leave the house. In order to feel good "you have to look good right?" I love experimenting with make up. Here are some of my favorite items...
After getting all dolled up, remember to splash on a good scent!

I have a special treat for you ladies! Sephora is doing a special sampler mascara package. All of this for $28! Enjoy!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, JULIE!!! I LOVE all the goodies and LOOOOVE the Bobby Brown gel liner!  You were right,it's the best out more smudges!
Hope you are rockin all the YUMI KIM dresses in La La Land!

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