Friday, July 18, 2008

Go Deep...

I LOVE the summer in NEW YORK.
There's always something to do and places to go!

Last night I attended a 10.Deep event.
Attending events in other fashion markets allows me a different perspective on what's going on outside of the women's contemporary market. Opens my mind to something different and new. Gotta stay current with all the trends =).

It's amazing how in the past few years the streetwear industry has blown up. What used to be a small niche market of trendsetters has now transcended into the mass market. Even though it was a mix crowd of people from skateboarders to hip hop heads to the downtown hipster....they all had one thing in common--it's all about the KICKS!

10.Deep Presents: "A Kid Named Cudi" Mixtape  Release Party @ Redbull Space 
We were probably the ONLY 2 girls there wearing heels.....ha.
It's always cool when I go to these events because I run into old friends, meet other designers, oh...and one more important thing...OPEN BAR =).  Thanks for the invite Dante!

It was such a nice night in New York.  We decided to walk to Lil Frankies to grab some grub instead of taking a cab .  Yes, I walked form SOHO to the East Village in my 5" heels without complaining =).'s lasagna night!

MULBERRY STREET CREW--Thanks for such a fun night!

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