Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gen Art Shop NYC

Last night we participated in GEN ART's SHOP NYC event. The place was packed, great music was playing and everyone was shopping!

I was in the mood to wear jeans yesterday. 
I bought these wide-leg jeans the other day at Urban Outfitters on SALE for $ joke! Love the fit and wash!  My favorite top from Spring 08!

Check out the crowd!

Me & Tiffany (DRU NY),  just like old times eh?  Don't forget about "us little people, missy!"

Business Tip of the week:
Before you can receive, you must give.  It's important to give back and support your peers!

Here I am shopping away, supporting my fellow designers!

I found the coolest bracelet and necklace at Chris Habana's booth. 
"Your stuff rocks, Chris!"

My favorite, MINDEN CHAN...I can't get enough of your clothes!  It's all about the details!

Rachel, thanks for giving me first dibs!  Mark, you're hilarious as always!!!

Check out all the people that stopped by to show us some LOVE....Yaaaaay! was a madhouse at YK! whoooohoooo!

I had a such a great time hanging out.  It was great running into old friends & meeting new friends!  I also did some major damage last night shopping. Ouch!  Gotta support your fellow designers right =)?

Wow!  We were all so exhausted by the end of the night.  
Gen Art NYC, you guys totally ROCK!
YK crew- what would I do without you guys?  THANK YOU!
I can't wait till the next one =).

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