Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go Rachel...It's your BERFDAY!

Yesterday was Rachel's (my saver...aka the woman that cracks the whip on me to stay organized!) birthday.

It's been a crazy week with so many production deadlines and trying to prepare for next month's show in Vegas.  I'm exhausted and creatively drained.  Jen and I left the office late last night, both worn out from a long production session. We were in desperate need of a good meal and a drink to wind down from our loooooong day.

Feeling girlie today...

We met up with Rachel & Jessica @ 205 to watch her bro perform and celebrate her bday.

Business Tip of the Week: In order to have a SUCCESSFUL business and a LIFE, you need to have a great staff. You cannot do everything by yourself. I am the biggest control freak, but sometimes you just have to let it go...if not, you're gonna go insane and get burnt out.

Meet my crew, the people that makes my life easier. I would be a HOT MESS without you ladies! THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU!

***Jessica just submitted her video last week to the SURVIVOR show. I told her she could get a leave of absence ONLY if she wears YUMI KIM on the show (imagine her running around in the jungle wearing a YUMI KIM

Rachel, sorry for leaving early. 
I'm like Cinderalla, I start to fall apart at the stroke of midnight =).
Thanks ladies for a fabulous night!

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