Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to school!

I went to my friend May's photo exhibit last night. She's been taking a photography class and at the end of the course the students showcase their work to their friends and family. I stopped by to show some support and to check out some of her peers' work. I was so impressed....30mins later, I walked out signed up for their next session...ha. Since my schedule is pretty hectic, I ended up enrolling in their 5 day intense crash course-it's usually a 9wk program. Wow!

My first day of class is Monday. I can't believe I'm heading back to school. I'm soooooo excited....can't wait to start shooting! Hopefully I'll be good enough to start photographing all my look books =). Uh out Annie Leibovitz!

Thanks, MAY and PAULINE, for introducing me to the class. I can't wait to start roaming the city and shoot with you ladies!

***my camera ran out of batteries :(.
all the pictures above were shot with my iphone.

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