Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweet Surprise!

I woke up this morning and wanted to dress casual-comfortable for the day.  I love wearing slip dresses with flip flops on my lazy days.  It's still cute, but not too much thought had to go into it.  This is one of my favorite prints from Spring 08 Collection.

Oh my goodness, I walked into my office after a rough morning and guess what I find on my desk? A Yves Saint Laurent shoe box wrapped with a big white bow. What a SWEET SURPRISE! I opened it and found a pair of YSL platforms I had been eyeing for months. OH MY, OH MY, Tuyet (old assistant) sent me the best THANK YOU gift ever...awwwwww!  I'm speechless...Tuyet, you really shouldn't have!  You've done so much for me already, woman!

Look how happy I look! They're so HOT!

She also sent the cutest gift for YUMI....TOO TOO CUTE!

I have to say, this might be the highest pair of heels I own now.  Geeez louis! SO SEXY!

Awwww...they're sooo beautiful.  I'm in SHOE HEAVEN!

Tuyet, THANK YOU soooo much.  I LOOOOOOOVE my gift!!! 
I hope you're having a blast in Hawaii.  Congrats on your new job =)!  
We MISS YOU soooo much in NYC!  

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Tamela said...

Lucky. Awesome shoes!