Friday, July 25, 2008

Count down till PROJECT Las Vegas

My mood: STRESSED!

I've been working from home this past week. When I'm in the office, it stresses me out because of all the phone calls and dealing with issues from the staff & stores that it's hard for me to be creative and focus on designing.  I LOVE designing Spring/Summer Collections, because I get to play with so much color and pretty prints. There's nothing like putting on color to brighten your mood or wearing a gorgeous printed dress that makes you feel "oh so pretty!" 

This is an image of my work area today. Fabric swatches all over, color cards, rolling racks, sketches, and yes-that is my CEO, YUMI...she's sleeping in the middle of all of it. 

I've been sitting in the same place all day staring at my laptop screen finalizing print colors and bodies for my salesman samples for the shows. This is crunch time for me...URGH...deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!
**photo taken from my macbook**

Last night, around 11:30 PM, ISI (part-time assistant designer) came by to drop off samples from the office. He looked at me and said, "yep, you're a hot mess! I think you need to get out of your apt and get a drink" I was feeling exhausted and creatively drained.  I looked up and said-"Lets do it! Lets go out and go dancing! My eyes are sore from staring at my laptop all day."

By midnight, I was out the door rocking a cute vintage dress I bought last year. First time wearing it out...Chiquita banana anyone?

Business Tip of the Week:
Always remember to make time for yourself and take a break! I know it's hard to take a little time off with so many deadlines, but if you don't, you're gonna get burnt out. Work to LIVE, not LIVE to work! 

In the cab on our way....I'm sooo glad you got me out of the apt!

Thanks, ISI, for making me go out. I needed a drink and to boogie down a bit to take my stress load off.  All work and no play will make KIM a dull girl!

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