Monday, July 14, 2008


After 1 1/2yrs of being "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" I finally updated my website. I know...I're probably asking--what took you so long? Well, let’s start with a whirlwind crazy schedule of traveling to Asia 3-4 times a year to deal with production, being busy designing YUMI KIM, meetings...meetings...meetings, flying to LA every few weeks, dealing with operation issues, attending & working trade shows, trying to make time for my personal life, and when I have a few free days, I try to run away on mini-vacations to escape the insanity. Oh, I forgot one more important thing- squeezing in time to SLEEP!!!!

Yes, I finally managed to sit down with my webguy to zap it out (thanks, Joey, for being soooo patient with me!). Whew!

Since it ONLY took 1 1/2yrs to update…ha...I wanted to make sure I added something special to it. I decided to include a blog! It will be a glimpse into my life as a fashion designer in NYC. I'm sharing my quirky moments, trials & tribulations as a designer, to random bits of who I am, what inspires me, and the things I covet.

I hope my blog will be an inspiration to other designers and entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

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Claire said...

I recently visited a friend in NYC and purchased a Yumi Kim top and Yumi Kim Dress - I LOVE both! I run a boutique (but Yumi Kim is already taken by an adorable boutique nearby) - I have enjoyed your blog and being able to see the your point of view as a designer. Thank you!