Monday, July 21, 2008

Santogold @ Summer Stage

This past weekend my girlfriend MAE was in town.  I always LOVE spending time with her because not only is she a bundle of FUN, she always teaches me something new about the garment industry. Mae works for one of the biggest dept. stores in the US. I bow down to her, because she has such a high pressure job. Lets just say, if she was having a bad day and submitted the wrong measurements to the factory, she's responsible for messing up 20-50k pieces of one style, which equals to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain. WOW! Uh Mae, I don't envy you one pressure mama!

It was soooo HOT and HUMID in NYC this past weekend. URGH! This is where the saying LESS is BEST works!

We had brunch with Barry and his lovely girlfriend, Claudia. Thank you so much for educating me on the world of DENIM guys. I always LOVE learning about different aspects of the Garment Industry! 
It was soooo HOT & HUMID,we were melting away....

*Mae is rockin a YUMI KIM Fall 08 dress!

After brunch we met up with some friends to see SANTOGOLD perform at Summer Stage. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the album! I am a big fan, so it was awesome to get to see her for FREE! Yaaaaay! Here we are relaxing in the park for a bit before the concert. I have never seen that many Hipsters above 14 street!

"We were chilling in the park....just waiting for the sun to go down. It was ME, MAE, CAT and ISI--who's a lighter shade of brown..."

It was such a cool mixed crowd. As a designer, it was so inspiring to see so many stylish people there. I LOVE that in NYC everyone has their own style and isn't afraid to flaunt it!

SANTOGOLD rocked it!

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