Sunday, July 27, 2008

P.S.1. Warm Up Party!

After all these years of living in NYC, I finally made it out to a P.S.1. MOMA's Warm Up Party yesterday.  I had an amaaaaaazing time!  Every Saturday during the summer, between 3-9pm, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center hosts a summer party in Long Island City.They bring in live bands or world renown DJs to entertain the crowd for 6hrs! This is what you get when you mix music, architecture, and art together...

It was such a nice day yesterday.  I wanted to wear something cute and easy to dance in.
Met up with Jacqueline and friends.  I was starving!!!!  So excited to see food!

great positive energy flowing!

After getting our boogie down, we took a break and went inside to check out the art....

Wow...that was sooo much fun!  Time to head back to the city and grab dinner!

Thanks for the invite guys!  I had a blaaaaaaast! We have to do it ONE more time before summer ends!


Islander Girl said...

Hey Kimmie! It's me Claudette, Leah's sister! I'm so glad Leah forwarded me your blog! Love reading about your life in NYC and about your latest in the Yumi Kim world!

How the heck are you? I now live in it here! If you're ever out here give me a call!

I don't know if Leah told you but I got a Yorkie too...but man is she a huge Yorkie! I'll have to send you pics!

Anyhow, I just saw your pictures and I noticed Chris Elders was your "assistant photographer" he went to school with us in Japan! What a small world!

Anyhow email me when you're not so busy designing and partying (^o^)

Hope all is well chicka!

JN said...

PS1 ROCKS! This is why we love NYC so much! Summer in the City! Kim always make a splash wherever she goes! Lets do it again Aug 23!!!!
-Miss J
PS: OMG! Small world that your friend knows Chris!!! Cool friends always know cool friends..:)