Sunday, October 19, 2008


This week I'm obsessing over my Verizon Broadband Access card. I've been running around a lot lately, so my laptop usually goes everywhere I go. I LOOOOOVE the Broadband Access card because it allows me to connect onto the internet pretty much anywhere (except for up in the skies of course)! Yaaaay! That means no more stealing WIFI from people...ha! With this card, it's like I have a mobile office! Check out all the places I've been using it at this past week....
Met up with my friend at Slurp (they have the best lunch deals during the weekdays!) and stayed there afterwards to work for a bit.
Had a quick photo shoot the other day to update my website. Photo shoots usually last the entire day. I brought it with me to work in between shots.
My phone died the other night! I had no phone to call Moosh to let her know I couldn't make it down to the store in time for an interview due to traffic. Thank goodness I had my laptop with me. I pulled over and IM'd her to give her the heads up. LOVE IT!
I'm always running around from one meeting to another. It's great that I can work during my cab rides to the next meeting!
This is what sealed the deal-I can work at the airport while waiting for my flight! With all the traveling I do during the year, this makes my life so much easier! No more paying for internet at the airport! Whooohooo!
Arrived in LA LA LAND Friday afternoon and it was 90 degress...WTF? I can go on and on and on, ranting & raving about why I LOVE my Verizon Broadband Access card so much. It's so worth the $60 monthly fee. I now have a mobile office and can get so much more work done by having it!  The best part is, I now can blog anytime...any place....anywhere! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!!! 

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