Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Once in a while I go through these weird phases of eating really, really bad food. When I say bad, I mean the whole works- pizza, fried chicken, dorritos, lots & lots of junk food, etc..  Well, this past 3 Day weekend was one of those phases.  I was craving everything bad!  So I told myself, "Kim, go EAT YOUR HEART OUT!"  So I did =)!  Here's the 3 Day Recap of my binge....

It's was such a nice day Saturday! I wore a cute fall skirt with a cami.  So warm outside!
October 11, 2008 -Saturday Afternoon
I met up with the girls for May's Birthday Brunch at a cute spot in NOLITA (can't share it with you guys, because I don't want to wait forever for a table the next time I go. I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one!). Oh my, the food was amaaaazing! The shrimp taquitos---YUMMY FOR MY TUMMY big time! I can't wait to go back! 

Afterwards we ended up in my hood..L.E.S!  Happy Hour at PIANOS (my next door neighbor).
Oh my, $3 Frozen Margaritas. They were suuuuper strong! Maybe that's a good thing?
An hour later, we ended up ordering HOT WINGS, FRIED CALAMARI, NACHOS, and more JUNK!  Didn't we just come back from brunch, ladies? Wow, we can sure EAT!
It was so nice to hang with my friends this weekend and catch up. I can't believe the last time I saw most of them was at my store opening party. Wow, time flies!

We ended up staying there for 4hours. Gotta LOVE NYC Happy Hour! Thanks,PIANOS! Sorry I had to cut it short, guys....I have a HOT DATE tonight!

October 11th, 2008
Rico invited me to be his date to Madonna.  How could I say NO? I LOOOVE Madonna! Here we are eating bad..bad..bad food.  That's the best part about going to a concert-all the JUNK food!
WOW, such an amaaazing show! You totally rock!
Yaaaay, she surprised us with Pharrell!
I had such a great time! I LOVE all the songs on her new album, and you can never go wrong with her classics!  Madonna, you worked it, mama, and deserve every penny you make!
On our way out we met her #1 fan...

After the show we decided to take a walk since it was such a nice night.  I LOVE walking in NYC, because there's always so much to see. I rarely hang out in Mid-town, so it was pretty cool checking out all the new spots that popped up in the past several years.
Rico, always checking out the Hotties....
K-Town NYC...
We danced so much at the concert.  I was getting hungry again. I looked up and saw this sign.....Yup, it's a sign...time to get some yummy korean food! 
Stumbled onto BCD Tofu house. So cute! I normally eat at this spot in LA. I guess it was meant to be!
I HEART BULGOGI! Soooo Yummmmmy! Gosh, it feels like all I did today was EAT..EAT..EAT!
LOVE the decor of this spot! It's much nicer than the BCD TOFU house in LA, but not at LA prices..LOL. I wish!
Ok, time to go home. So sorry, Rico, I can't make it to the next spot. You have to go ahead without me. This girl needs some zzzzz's! Thanks for such a fabulous night. Big Kiss!

SUNDAY- October 12, 2008
New Yorkers were spoiled this past weekend-mid 70s! SUNDAY was my first ME day in such a long time.  It was so nice to just chill and hang out for a bit. I pulled out my fav Dolce Vita sandals and took the kids for a stroll in the park.

My outfit for the day...

After a nice afternoon with the kids, I met up with Moosh for dinner at Congee House. I was craving their House Special Chicken--soooooo goooood!  I LOVE going to Congee House, because it's so cheap and so yummy!
Oh my, we ordered so much food! We LOVE to eat! If you want to hang with us, you gotta LOVE food! There are a few things in life I don't hold back on....great food, great shoes, and vacations! As Rihanna say..."You gotta LIVE YOUR LIFE!"

MONDAY- October 13, 2008  
Monday night I was planning on ordering in and catch up on some work. I have so much to do, because I'm going to be in LA for Market Week and for The Women's Conference (more details will follow) in Long Beach.  Yup, the workload never stops, but I LOVE my job so it's not too bad, right? I get bored when I have free time on my hands.  As they say, variety spices up your life!

Well, I thought I was going to be eating healthy at home....hmmm, I was so wrong! Moosh looked at me and said-"uh, it's 25cents Hot Wings and $3 Beer night down the street =)."
How could I say no to a deal like that?

My outfit for the day....

Here we are hanging out at our local favorite spot. Gotta admit, for some reason it was much tastier than the last time I had it.  Maybe it's the price that makes it taste so much better? LOL! Can't beat cheap food and cheap beer!
50 Hot Wings later.....
Sachiko and Hugh showed up to eat bad with us, too! You know the drill....
Another fun night with my favorite couple. Sachiko, you seriously crack me up! Cutie Room and Yumi Kim for life!

Ok guys, I think it's time to DETOX! I ate my heart out this past 3 DAY weekend.  Time to eat healthy again.  No more junk food for at least another few days....ha! 

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