Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Love

Lately, I've been losing track of time because I've been working in overdrive mode trying to finalize my summer '09 collection.  One thing about being a designer is that you tend to forget the days of the week and the months because your mind is always thinking way ahead. While it's freezing outside, I'm sitting in my apt trying on summer dresses and looking at floral fabric swatches. I tend to forget that outside of my walls it is wet, cold and gloomy. 

Since the weather was so depressing outside, I wanted to rock a floral dress to make me feel pretty. I found this cute vintage dress in LA last week. As always, I hemmed it and rocked it my way=). My look for the day...

My outfit was inspired by one of the biggest trends this fall-Winter Florals. I wear florals year round anyway, because it always makes me feel pretty and it brightens up my mood!
Who doesn't LOVE flowers?
I stopped by Sunny's Florist in the East Village to pick up a bouquet for Sarah before heading over to her baby shower. They make the prettiest bouquets at amaaazing prices! Most are $10! Sunny's stuff totally rocks! I'm always about supporting the neighborhood shops! Gotta remember to help out the little guys!
Showed up and it was so great to see my YK family there- oldies and newbies!
Sarah- the mother-to-be! She has that prego glow! Awwwww!
I HEART babies!
So nice to sit down and play catch up with you ladies! I know, it's been forever!!!
Cute idea....babysitting coupons! LOVE IT!
More catching up to do....
Oh no, time to head back out to the wet and freezing weather outside =(.

As much as I LOVE NYC, I really, really dread the winters here. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that this winter is going to fly by quickly and it's not going to be brutal! If it is, you guys know where I will be...back in LA and Asia!  

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