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Maria Shriver's Women's Convention Rocks!

I've been invited to many business conferences, fashion events, industry parties, and music awards shows, but none of which I could say could ever top what I experienced this past Wednesday at Maria Shriver's Women's Convention.  An estimated 14,000 women attended this star-studded event. I honestly had no expectations walking into The Women's Conference. I thought it was going to be another one of those women's empowerment conference with the long speeches and the same high-level executives trying to inspire the audience. Little did I know, I was in for a big surprise.

My outfit for the day...
I wanted to dress cute and comfortable, since I was going to be running around all day interviewing attendees and blogging LIVE from my sessions. 

Jennifer Lopez  was one of the opening speakers for the conference. I was only able to catch the last part of her speech (LA traffic, urrrghhh! Arrived too late, so I was unable to get a good shot of her. Sorry guys!). As always, Jen dressed head to toe perfection! Rockin the cute and conservative look. 
                       *jennifer lopez photo from

Maria Shriver's Women's Conference- 14K women were there! 

Next up, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffett. Such a humorous conversation between the two of them. I have to say, listening to them talk about the financial state of our economy was better than any ECON lecture I ever attended in college. Warren Buffett is brilliant, which explains why the man is a BILLIONAIRE! His word of advice, "Now is the time to invest!"  Interesting, I just wish we all had the extra funds too, Mr. Buffett =(.

I LOVED every minute of their conversation!  Lots of laughter coming from the audience. I have to say, it was one of the biggest highlights of my day!

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke like a true Republican. It was pretty clear who's side he was on.  I respect a man who stands up for his beliefs. It's better to have an opinion than none at all right?
After the morning sessions in the main arena, I left with Calley to go do some LIVE BLOGGING.  We were in charge of covering Heidi Klum's session- So You Want To Start Your Own Business. Other speakers includes: Willow Bay- Broadcast Journalist, Leslie Blodgett- CEO of Bare Essentials, Chiqui Cartagena-Author, and Ariane de Bonvoisin.

People who couldn't attend the event were able to log on and view our LIVE BLOG covering the session as if they were there! I uploaded images as I shot them and made comments as they were being posted. Yup, multi-tasking over here!

The panel had an hour long discussion about how they started their business and all the trial and tribulations they experienced along the way. 

Business Tip of the Week from Heidi Klum: Heidi said she's fallen a couple of times. You're not going to always succeed at everything that you do. Just remember to pick yourself back up, brush yourself off and try again! I agree!

I met Heidi after the session. Oh my, she is a HOT MAMA!

After my session, checked back in with Abbie and uploaded all my pictures to The Women's Conference's site. It was pretty cool being a media person for the day...ha! I think I may have found a second career if fashion doesn't work out =).
Here I am blogging away about what's happening at The Women's Conference. Oh my, I am the biggest NERD! Shhhhh! That's why my friends call me a GEEK who's Designer Chic

Maria Shriver opened up the afternoon session in the main arena with a POWERFUL speech. I have to say, this lady truly ROCKS! I LOVE her! So inspiring to listen to her talk.  The whole room was moved by her speech. Lets just say there was a ton of sniffling going on, and I was one of them. Maria, you are something. Keep up the great work!

Check out how moved the crowd was by her speech. Lots and lots of tears flowing in that room.

Oh my goodness, CONDOLEEZZA RICE was in the house! Geeez louise! I was lucky enough to be in the very front watching these ladies speak. Oh my goodness, such an experience to remember. The 2nd major highlight of my day! 2 of the most powerful women in the country, chatting in front of me about how they got to where they're at, and discussing how women should help each other move up and stop competing with one another! I agree!!!

Indra Nooyi, Chairman & CEO of Pepsi Co- LOVE this woman. She's sharp, smart. and witty! When I grow up, I want to be just like you =)!

Surprisingly, I was shocked that Condoleezza Rice had a sense of humor! I thought she was going to be this serious politician who was a tough cookie. Oh my, Ms. Rice actually had a few jokes. Did you know she wanted to be a professional pianist? Interesting facts for you guys =).

Afternoon Session- 
Why am I not surprised they gave me this session to blog about? HA! Yes, I was the only fashion blogger there, of course it would be second nature for me to cover DRESS to IMPRESS!=). I have to admit, I was bummed that I missed out on Michael J. Fox and Russell Simmons' session. I heard it was amaaazing! 

Rita Wilson and Leslie Jane Seymour were the moderators of this session. Pretty much the session discussed the importance of looking great, because it will make you feel great. They shared tips on how to update your look, and cool make up tips to make you look younger and feel better! Ladies, special tip-don't pass up on blush and wearing color. It always gives you that extra glow and wearing colors brightens up your mood! 

And now onto the best part of the day, the evening session! Maria honored 5 Women this year that have made a tremendous impact in their community or for women.  One of the Minerva winners of the night was the legendary tennis player, Billie Jean King, who fought tirelessly for women's rights. 

Other Minerva Winners were: Betty Chinn (who had the crowd laughing and crying! You're too cute, Betty!), Gloria Steinem, Ivelise Markovits and Louise Hay. Congrats ladies! 

After 30mins of lots of tearing, Maria brought out a special guest that got the audience excited! Oh my goodness, the rock star himself-BONO!  

Bono discussed the importance of helping make a change, even in hard times like this. 

He's so passionate about his RED and ONE charities!

Bonnie Raitt closed the event!

Yes, I think every woman walked out that evening feeling INSPIRED and EMPOWERED!

Wow, 12hrs later we're exhausted! I can't believe it went by so fast!

Abbie, thank you for inviting me and SweetHype!  (stay tune in a few days for me to tell you guys all about SweetHype!- I'm SOOOOO Excited!) to be a part of this event. YOU ROCK! Count me in next year! I would love to come back again and be a part of your online media team! It was so much FUN! I LOVE that magic pass...ha!

Awww, my lil bro, Mike, came out and was a part of my video crew! Segments from the conference will be shown on The Women's Conference's Blog! Gooooo team! Great job, guys!

Whew, it's been a long work day. Time to head out and start getting back to my real job...ha! I have to start designing Fall 2009. WOW! All I can say is, GIRRRRRL POWER! I can't wait to come back next year!

Check out 
to view webcast of the conference.

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