Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LA Market Week

Yup, I'm back in LA! I can't believe it's so freakin HOT out here. Oh my, 90 degrees in October. These people are so spoiled!
It's LA Market Week (buyers visit showrooms to preview next season's line and place orders for their stores). My schedule is jam-pack! First stop, visit my West Coast showroom, Ginny Wong, to see how things are going.

My outfit for the day...
Thank goodness it's been pretty busy!
Ginny said good reaction so far with the Spring 09 line. It's doing very well! Yaaay!
Awwww, baby Olivia is at work with mommy! Oh my, future heart breaker in the making =).
I'm playing MOM for a few minutes...ha.
Hung out with the girls for a bit catching up on work, and some girl talk. Ginny was raving about this Bio-Oil. Ok, I'm gonna pick it up on my way home mama!

After a few hours of hanging out with the girls, we left to go do some vintage shopping. On our way there we happen to pass by one of my accounts...ONESIPKIM in Pasadena! I walked in and they had Yumi Kim on 2 mannequins. Yaaaay!  Such a cute shop and the owner was so sweet!!! Maybe I'm being biased, because her name is also Kim? Ha!
Next stop...GOODWILL! I always check out thrift shops when I'm in LA. Once in awhile I find a few great pieces here. You never know what you can find at Goodwill. In the past, I found cool furniture, and a few killer vintage dresses!
You know me, always gotta check out the shoes!
I left Goodwill with a few shopping bags. I hit a HOMERUN! Found some good stuff I can't wait to rock!  

Ok, it's getting late and I'm getting tired. We've been running around all day working! I'm starving! On our way home we stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up some healthy grub and a few bottles of their 2 bucks chuck! 
I ended my night with yummy cheesecake.  I HEART Cheesecake Factory!
Wow, my first day in LA was a long one. 5 more long days to go! Thank goodness it's so warm out here!

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