Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's finally starting to feel like I have a life again.  When Friday arrived, I was excited to call it quits and just chill out.  I needed to take a few days off to just LIVE a little and enjoy life again.  

Friday night Johnny called me to come meet up with him at the New Era store downtown for a small in store party he was shooting. Since it was close by, Moosh and I decided to swoop by to say hello. He also mentioned there was an OPEN BAR, so it wasn't hard to persuade us to go =).  In NYC, OPEN BAR is always an incentive for many people to come out to an event. Hey, we're in a recession...this is what I call the lifestyle of a RECESSIONISTA (thanks, Elaine for the new terminology!) Gotta budget and spend wisely these days =).

Our outfits for the night....
Johnny is working while we're hanging out.
Gotta always check out the fashion right? Here are some street fashion for you guys....

Us hanging out in between his shots!

After the New Era Store party we went to Arlene's Grocery...another event he had to cover.We watched THE FRESHMENS perform. Great job guys!
Hanging out at Arlene's Grocery with Moosh. I can't believe we're back to where we left off at a few hours before. It's so nice to finally hang out on a Friday night!

Yes, thank goodness it's Friday! It was a fun and spontaneous night guys! Lets do it again soon =)!

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