Friday, October 17, 2008


This past Wednesday, my friends Sachiko & Hugh hosted a small dinner gathering at their apt to watch the final Presidential Debate. Since it was the final round, I made it a point to clear my schedule that night. This is a historical election...I can't miss out on the final debate!

My outfit for the day-
I cleaned my apt and found this cool dress I bought at the last GEN ART event. I totally forgot about it.  You can never go wrong with wearing all black!
Sachiko cooked up a big feast! You really went all out, mama! I always LOVE great food & great company!
I couldn't miss out on tonight's debate. History in the making!
I can't believe in a few weeks we will be voting for a new President. WOW!
I think we all walked away that night thinking about- Joe, the plumber! HA!
Ok, time to sweeten up and digest all that information!
Hugh surprised all of us with pop questions on politics and history.  Uh, I wasn't prepared for it.  Thank goodness I got a few answers right! whooohoooo!  All I know is, I get first dibs on Hugh being on my team for the next Politics & History trivia session! I called it first, guys!
Later that night I reached for my phone to check my emails, but all I saw was a black screen. I tried to turn it on, pretty much did everything I could-no luck at all. Yup, my iPhone officially died on me =(. 
I LOVE my iPhone. Whereever I go, she goes. I feel naked without her. Oh my....oh my, what is a girl to do without her iPhone?  I called mac luck either =(. I'm so bummed, because I had a few "important" #s in there that I just added to my phone the other day. I've been so bad, I haven't been syncing my phone. Oh my, everything is lost.  I guess it wasn't meant to be. Sighhhh......
Isi started feeling sad too, because it reminded him of his iPhone =(.
Day #3 without his iPhone.  
Sorry, Isi, your chicks will just have to wait. I hope you saved all their #s. Ha!
Time to run home, guys! My tummy is hurting from laughing so hard. Sachiko- I'm only allowed to hang out with you once a week! Hugh, my head is hurting from all the pressure and stress on answering your questions! I'll be prepared for the next round- Election Day! Gotta run to LA LA LAND...

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