Thursday, October 23, 2008

On a Sunday afternoon...

Whenever I'm in LA, I always hit up the flea markets. My best finds have always been at the flea market.  I LOVE rummaging through the racks of clothes and the excitement I get when I stumble onto a great find! 

My outfit for the day....
I can't believe how warm it is in LA. Yaaay, I get to wear my favorite Dolce Vita sandals out here!
First stop, Melrose Flea Market! It's cute and small...not overwhelming like the Rose Bowl.
I always find the coolest stuff at the flea market!
I swear, it seems like I own a million pair of vintage sunglasses. I just keep losing them..ha!
My girlfriend, Melina, drove up from San Diego to hang with me while I work this weekend. Thanks, Mama, for understanding that I'm so crazed!
Check out my great find...
LOVE...LOVE...LOVE my new look!

After the flea market we head over to the Designers & Agents trade show. Gotta check out what's new there.
I like the D&A show because it's pretty small and focused. Unfortunately, it seems like its getting smaller and smaller each time I visit=(.

Pretty cool, they had a Green section! All about ECO friendly and organic clothing & accessories!
Atmosphere of the D&A Green Market.

Last stop, back to my showroom, which happens to be in the same building as the show. Thank goodness!
Alright ladies, gotta run! Keep spreading the POSITIVE energy, Ginny!

Yes, I even work on the weekends.
Whew, Day #2 is over!

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