Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hell Week!

I feel like the past 2weeks I have been going through HELL WEEK all over again. I barely slept, barely ate, and barely did anything except live at the new shop, and run around town taking care of all the things we needed for the shop. In the midst of renovating the store and preparing for Coterie, I still have to make important creative decisions for my Summer 09 collections. Urrrghhh, my workload seriously tripled the past few weeks. I have to say, I've never been this tired in my entire life. I looked like a HOT MESS majority of the time. You know what's the worst part of when you're tired, feeling ugly, looking so unfashionable, and stressing out? It's running into old friends, ex-boyfriends, and people you have secret crushes on in the streets...HA!  Oh my, I seriously was a HOT MESS and felt too embarrassed and tired to explain why I was looking this way. Oh well, sighhhh.... Hey, I deserve a free pass once in a while to look like a homeless person, right?

Check out snippets of my life and my crazy schedule.  
So much to little time...sighhhh....

My outfit for the day...
I have less than a week till my Grand Opening party and there is still so much to do! I showed up to my store today and my contractor has a cast on his foot.  Oh my goodness, please no more delays!!! The walls still need wallpaper, floors needs to be done, dressing rooms are not all up....urgh!!!! I'm freaking out!!!
With all the craziness going on with the new store, I still have to take care of production and finalize decisions for Summer 09 prints.  I'm so exhausted!  I hate making decisions when I'm out of it, because when I get them back I end up asking myself-"What were you thinking, woman?!"
Thanks, Allan, for making me laugh to relieve some stress!
We used Allan's office to have lunch and work on production.  
After my meeting with Allan, I had to run to New Jersey to pick up mannequins for the new YUMI KIM shop.  Oh my goodness, check out all the mannequins they have there.  It's so crazy! I got lucky and met a nice guy there =)! Check him out.....

Oh my, so many to choose from!
Oh, ISI! What a coincidence that you happen to find this mannequin....LOL! Nope, this is not the direction I want to go with for YUMI KIM shop...HA!

On to the next thing on our list- GET SUPPLIES FOR THE NEW STORE.  I LOOOOVE Target! This one is not just a regular's TARGET GREATLAND....oh my, oh my =)!

After Target, I have to run back to the shop to check out how much they finished. Word of advice when doing renovation- Always stay on top of your contractors or they will LAG big time!  
Oh my, I've been up since 7am this morning. I need a break and some good food. A glass of red wine looks so good right now!

Ok, I have to put my head down for a few minutes to rest. When is this day ending? 

My IKEA trip!  Gotta go check out what they have there to add to the shop. Baller on a budget baby!

Ok, give me a few minutes to gather my thoughts....
ooooh, cool cute & cheap idea for the walls.
We always try to have fun where ever we go.  Gotta make the most of everything. Thanks, Isi, for coming along and help me carry all the heavy stuff.  You're the only guy on my staff....LOL!

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