Friday, September 5, 2008


It's been such a hectic week for me. I can't believe Coterie Trade Show is coming up and I still have 50 millions things to do up until the show...Urghhhh! This is a MAJOR show for me, because pretty much all my accounts (including international accts from Japan, Dubai, Europe, etc.) show up to preview the line.  It's my one chance to showcase all of Spring 2009 at one time.  That explains why I'm feeling a bit stressed. I'm still waiting for my salesman samples to trickle in and I still have to shoot a look book for it! I can't shoot anything until ALL the samples arrive...Urghhhh!  I have a lot of pressure because Spring is always my biggest collection. To add onto the stress, yesterday I found out the Coterie set up is now the same day as the show 6AM-11AM, and then the show starts at 11AM. OMG- how crazy is that? We usually take 8-10hrs to set up, and now we're doing it in 5...geeez louis! Oh my goodness, I'm gonna be a HOT MESS that day. I'm so not looking forward to it!

With all the craziness of traveling, and preparing for the shows, I still managed to squeeze in a few social outings this week. It's been a week full of birthdays for me. Even with my busy schedule, I always try to make time for my personal life. A few nights ago, I stopped by my friend Angelique's Bday dinner. Johnny was hosting it, and of course he picked JOHNNY UTAH...uh huh. I was not prepared for it at all. I showed up wearing a cute vintage dress thinking it was going to be an intimate dinner. Well, a few drinks later, we all thought we were in Texas....LOL. Check it out....

Sorry for the lag in taking pix of my outfits in Vegas. I was so crazy busy out there I totally forgot about taking pix. Sorry guys! 

My outfit for the bday dinner....
awww, the bday girl...
Johnny booked us in a private room that looked like we were inside a bank vault.  Pretty cool!
Always silly times with you J!

how crazy....both doctors and same bday =)!

The host showing us how to ride the bull...

ooooh weee, a few bday toasts and drinks later we all thought we were in TEXAS!

I wasn't planning on participating at all, not in my dress! Oh hell no!  I finally gave in and said, "OK, I'm going to ride it ONLY if the birthday girl does it."  Well, I really thought she wasn't going to....a few drinks later, she changed her mind!  Oh no, I'm in trouble!
Oh my, it was an experience to remember...LOL! 
Thanks, Johnny & Angelique for a fab night. Sorry I had to cut out early =(. Too much work, so little time. Love you guys!

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