Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn Moon Festival Dinner

Since I was a child, each Fall I would go to the Buddhist temple with my family and celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival. It is a date that parallels the autumn and spring Equinoxes of the solar calendar. In most parts of Asia, family and friends gather together to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, eat moon cakes and carry beautiful lanterns. Now that I'm all grown up, this year my friend Calvin and I decided to keep up with the tradition and throw an Autumn Moon Festival Dinner with our friends. Here are the highlights from our dinner that lasted for over 6 hours....WOW!

My outfit for the dinner party....

The party was hosted at TET, our friend Steven's Vietnamese restaurant in Alphabet City.

Check out Janet's and my lanterns! Yes, we made lanterns for the dinner party!  Gotta keep up with tradition, right?

Our guests were asked to bring homemade lanterns too! least you tried Elaine.  I give you an A for effort =)!
Whoooohoooo!  Moosh is an official New Yorker now! No longer a visitor =).
Calvin was silly and hilarious as always.  We had a poetry reading at the dinner party. Hmmm, don't ask me was Calvin's idea...LOL! Well, I have to admit...your FISH SAUCE poem was classic! Oh fish sauce...oh fish I love my fish sauce...LOL!
This is what Calvin calls Cock Head...hahaaha.  You're so silly! 
Yaaaay, Janet was in town to hang, help me with the new shop and prepare for Coterie. I always love it when she's in town.  It's never a dull moment with this hot mama!
We had such a blast, our dinner lasted for over 6hours!  We seriously shut the place down!
Thanks for a fab time guys! I definitely need a break from running around all week preparing for the show and the new store. Can't wait till next year's dinner party!

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