Friday, September 26, 2008

24hrs till YUMI KIM Opening Party...

The last 24hrs before my Opening Party will go down in history in my books.  I seriously pulled an ALL nighter...NO SLEEP...NO MAKE UP and NO SHOWER= HOT MESS! I've been living off of RED BULL & lots of coffee the past 48hours. Oh my, I can't wait to get more than 3hrs of sleep. I'm in desperate need of a mini vacation!

I spent the entire day working in the new shop.  I got home around midnight and went straight to work on YUMI KIM line sheets.  I have to finish them before tomorrow's show. Urgggh!
We left my apt around 6am to Kinkos to print my line sheets.  Arrived at the show to set up around 7:30AM.  Thank goodness Jen arrived there early to take care of the big stuff for me. Thanks, JEN-you're the best!

By 9:30Am we were pretty much done merchandising the line. Now it's time to teach my sales reps the line! booth at COTERIE 2008!

Me and my team! Thank you ladies for covering the show for me. I can't believe this will be the first Coterie show that I will not be working my booth. I have a store to open! Oh my, gotta run back to make sure everything is on time for the opening party tomorrow! I look sooo tired!

Stopped by Janet's booth to check our her Spring 09 Collection....

Gotta get back to work.  Here I am at UPS trying to pick up 21 boxes of candles and goods for the new shop.  How am I going to make it all fit in my jeep? I look so dirty...ha!
We spent the entire day preparing for the opening.  My entire team, contractor, friends (moosh and janet--I can't thank you guys enough!) stayed late to make it happen!
I stayed back with ISI to merchandise the windows and the store.  We finished around 3:30am. Isi, thank you...thank you...thank you!  I finally made it to bed around 4am, and back up around 6:45AM. Yup, less than 3hrs of zzzzz's!
SEPTEMBER 17th, 2008
7AM- Met up with my contractors at the shop to go over things they need to finish
8AM- Met up with ISI at the flower district to buy plants and flowers for the shop
9AM- Picked up more rolling racks for the shop
10:30AM- Arrived back to the store to clean up and finish setting the store up.
11AM- My sign arrived....OMG!!! YUMI KIM has arrived to the LES baby! Sniff....snifff...sniff!
11:30AM: Looking over last minute details....
11:55AM....we're finished and ready for the opening! Whoooohoooo! Yaaaay YUMI, we did it! 
CHEERS GUYS!  Thanks sooooo guy helped made this happen!  Now it's time to PARTAAAAY!

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Lady Di said...

Congratulations Kim! How exciting!!