Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coterie Trade Show 2008

I can't believe the opening party came and went. 
We are officially open for business now...WOW!

The day after the party I stopped by Coterie to check out the last day of the show. It was so weird for me to not work it this time around. I always like being at the shows because it's a good way to see what registered with the buyers. One thing I learned from working the shows is that the items you least expect to do well sometimes become the biggest seller. 

Business Tip of the Week: It's important to take notes and get feedback so you can keep it in mind when designing your next collection. You always gotta look at new ways to improve your product! 

My outfit for the day....

Here I am at my booth getting some feedback from my team on the "HITS and MISSES" of Spring 09. So far I'm hearing nothing but wonderful news. Thank goodness! I'm so excited to hear that my buyers are LOVING the Spring 09 collection and that we had a BUSY show. Yaaaaaaay! Thanks guys! I really worked hard on this collection and I have to say, it is my favorite collection to date!
 I always stop by my neighbors' booths to say hello and network!
ooooh, DEGAINE's booth was right across the way!  I tried on Greg's famous "BOYFRIEND" jeans. He said "Kim, if you wear my "BOYFRIEND" jeans, I guarantee you will find a BOYFRIEND!"  So I said-"SOLD,done deal! I want 2 pairs!"  LOL

Awww, look at Twnz's cute little give aways! Too Too cute! You know me, all about spreading LOVE & good energy!
Ok, gotta run back to the shop and see how things are going.  I'm such a control freak! Here I am working at my shop after the show.  Gotta make sure everything is running smoothly!
We also have vintage goodies in the YUMI KIM shop!  It's so hard to resist keeping all the good finds for myself!  

Ok, time to head home. Yumi and Auntie Janet are exhausted! I know girls, it's been a long week!

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