Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yumi and Mizu's Halloween Bash

There's no denying that New Yorkers LOVE their dogs. In NYC, dogs are practically like family to many of us.  We make sure they eat well, dress well, and on some occasions they even get to go to doggy spas =)! Yup, New Yorkers spoil their dogs! I know, it may sound a bit crazy to some of you guys, but dogs are our babies in the city. Sometimes it feels like there are more people with dogs than parents with baby carriages in the streets.

Everyone knows Yumi is my baby girl, and sometimes she's even my boss...ha! So when Halloween arrived this year, of course I had to throw my babycakes a Halloween Bash at the YUMI KIM shop. Check out Yumi and her cousin Mizu's Halloween Bash below.

My look for the day...
I wanted to wear something a bit festive for her bash. Inspired by Halloween and the fall, here I am rockin an orange floral vintage dress.  
Yumi and Mizu's Halloween Bash 2008!
Yumi wanted to rock something cute for her Halloween Party!
Moosh and Rachel helping Mizu with her geisha outfit...

Awww, too cute! Little miss lady bug!
The kids hanging out and having a great time!
Mickey- you're too adorable! LOVE your bunny costume!

Yes, we are proud parents!

Yumi's boyfriend, Husky!
Oh my, I want to take all of them home with me! 
Yumi and her favorite babysitter, Isi. 
Whew, I know it's been a long day. The kids were exhausted by the end of the night.

Thanks to everyone that brought out their babies! See you guys next year! Happy Halloween!

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