Thursday, November 6, 2008

History in the Making...

Over 78 million people tuned in on Nov. 4th to watch the US' Presidential Election. Like millions of people around the world, my friends and I gathered together and sat close to our TV screen anxiously awaiting the results of this monumental election.

I showed up representing TEAM OBAMA! Goooo BLUE!

On my way to the party I saw this cool poster. That's why I LOVE Obama- He's our HOMIE!
It was a party in NYC.  Everyone was either at a friend's apt or at a bar on election night.
Moosh and I picked up OBAMA Cupcakes for the party! They're so cute!
Oh my, we have an OBAMA look-alike at our election party! LOL 
Everyone's glued to the TV! All our fingers and toes are crossed hoping to hear the good news!
When they announced that Obama won it was crazy in NYC. Everyone was screaming, cars honking and there was this bolt of energy that zapped the city! Such an experience to remember! I can't believe one day I will be telling my children about this historical night! 
Time to enjoy the cupcakes! Go Team OBAMA!!!!!! Yaaaay! 
We're all sooooo excited!!! All smiles on our faces =)!
Hugh spent the past weekend volunteering for the Obama Campaign! Big thanks to everyone who's been a supporter of the O TEAM! You guys rock!
I have to say, I thought McCain gave a great concession speech. He wasn't a sore loser!
I was in tears watching Obama's victory speech. Obama symbolizes CHANGE, HOPE, and INSPIRES all of us that anything is really possible. I can now tell my children that they too can one day be President.
On my way home I saw this...
Obama, thank you for showing us that there are no limitations and that America is still the land of opportunities. Big Congrats!

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