Monday, November 3, 2008

The Freaks Come Out At Night!

Halloween in NYC is always so CRAZY! It's the one holiday in New York that everyone goes all out for.  No one does it like New Yorkers when it comes to Halloween.  Everyone dresses up in the coolest costumes and it becomes a BIG Party in the city.

This year, we were lucky that it landed on a FRIDAY! Whooohooo! It was such a crazy night to be in NYC. All the freaks came out and partied! 

I started my night at the Halloween Parade in the Village. Not a good idea! It was such a madhouse down there, but so much fun seeing all the cool costumes!
I was a BAD ANGEL! I found these cool big feather wings the day before. Rockin it with cool fishnets, badass chick outfit, leather jacket and some devil horns! 

Met up with some friends in the Village....

Oh my, it's Senator Obama!
Moosh was a flapper girl. Here she is hanging with The View ladies. Hmm, maybe she could be Lisa Ling? LOL!
Ran into Jesus and the Devil.  Jesus doesn't look too happy with me...ha!
We're sounds so good right now!

Yaaay, the rest of the crew showed up....
Me!, Moosh, Sachiko, Hugh and Christina hanging out! Off to Socialista!
This bad boy tried to pick me up...ha. No more bad boyz!
Sugar Daddy for Moosh!
So many cool costumes in the streets!
It's election time! These ladies still working hard!
Next stop...dive bar in my hood! Dancing in the East Village- Madonna songs all night. So much fun!
7 hours laters....I'm pooped! My wings are broken and my feet are killing me. We walked so much all night. 4am- time to call it a night.

Thanks for a fun night, ladies! Always so memorable =)!

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