Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My home away from home...

I saw this on The Cool Hunter  this morning, the island of NURAI-big WOW! I would love to run off to this island and have it be my home away from home!

Located northeast of Abu Dbai city, Nurai is a 130,000 square meter island that's being tranformed into a luxurious resort with private residence, one luxury boutique hotel, 31 beachfront estates and 36 water villas. If you want to live here, be prepared to fork out a lot of paper!

Check out Nurai's exclusive private residential estate...

Due to open in 2010, these private residence start around $25mil a pop. Uh, I better stop daydreaming and should get back to work. A girl gotta start saving! I have $24,999,999 to go! LOL

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