Monday, November 17, 2008

Manhattan Vintage Show

I've been trying to wrap up my Fall '09 collection over the past few weeks. I'm almost done, but I'm not fully satisfied with all the prints and bodies I have so far. This past Saturday, I stopped by the Manhattan Vintage Show to check out some of my favorite vendors and to also find some new inspiration to help me finish up my Fall '09 collection.

My outfit for the day...
When I'm feeling lazy, I tend to rock the all black look.
*I found this cool vintage belt at the Manhattan Vintage Show that morning! LOVE IT!
By adding a cool vintage belt, it totally spiced up my outfit!
Rows of vintage vendors at the show.  Lots of cool stuff, but some was way overpriced!
Business Tip of the Week:  Always check out the flea markets, thrift stores, and vintage shows for inspiration. I'm always scoping out these places because you never know what cool pieces you may find! I've been inspired by items from cool prints on a rug, hand towels, vintage scarves, to cool artwork! 

Awww, me and my obsession with vintage shoes!
Ooooh, LOVE this belt! Super cool design for $25! That's a steal!
Wow, check out these super narrow shoes! 
I always LOVE looking at vintage jewelry. So much character to each piece! Vintage is classic =)!
I was on the hunt for new reading glasses. Wow, so many great options!
Last stop, Vintage Chanel Booth. Drool....Drool...Drool....  
I couldn't resist! I ended up walking out with 2 bags. YIKES! A girl's gotta spoil herself sometimes, right?
After a long productive day, I needed a girls' night out!Here I am rockin one of my favorite Fall '08 prints with my new vintage belt that I found at the Manhattan Vintage Show. Time to go relax and live a little! 


La Femme Chic said...


I love vintage clothes also, and it looks like this vintage spot have some good stuff can you please tell me where in Manhattan its located pleaseeeee!!!

YUMI KIM said...

The manhattan vintage show happens 2x a year at the piers. here's the link:
hope that helps!